Brooklyn Bridge Forest 
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Grimshaw and Silman
Wildlife Conservation Society
Brooklyn Bridge Forest is a mission-driven collaborative project focused on transforming and expanding one of New York’s most iconic thoroughfares with purposeful public greenspace. This reimagination stands to enhance the world-renowned landmark through an expansive promenade, improved laneways, community programming, sustainability initiatives, and an international partnership that will help permanently protect 200,000 acres of precious rainforest.

The approach was centered around the concept of bridging relationships: between people and place; city and nature; Guatemala and New York City; and New York City and the world. With every creative decision, we were careful to respect Brooklyn Bridge’s history while celebrating Brooklyn Bridge Forest’s fresh perspective. More than a brand, the result is a beacon of innovation and ingenuity and a new symbol of hope, community, climate action, and positive change that New York will proudly share with the world.

Designed & completed at REA with Tom Hayes, Michela Povoleri and Angela Han

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