Gambit Chess Championship
Global One
The annual Bendigo Bank Chess Championships invites chess players and enthusiasts of all ages to particiapate and rally against each other for the ultimate chess accolade.

Our process began with the naming of the tournament “Gambit” — an opening move in chess intended to achieve an advantage. Influenced by the monochromatic checkerboard and pieces, the solution was simple and daring, creating an inspiring moniker for the four-day marathon.

Not only showing the two opposing Kings, the poster is an optical illusion which distinguished two foes, vying for the same prize. The design was translated across double-sided posters and event collateral, supported by a witty messaging strategy. 

AGDA Award — Identity
Communication Arts — Identity

Designed & completed at Chimera Design

Based in New York and led by designer Joseph Antonios, Y.ANTONIOS is a design practice specializing in brand identity, creative direction, and digital design. 

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