Lionsback Resort
Invent Development Partners
Catering to the active lifestyles of residents, guests and the Moab community, Lionsback Resort is a seamless architectural basecamp that delivers sun-filled living with a premium, yet understated edge.

Overlooking the city of Moab, with access to secluded territories and home to two national parks, it supports venturesome and cultural appetites while providing an unrivaled setting in which to relax and recharge after a day of recreation and exploration. Envisioned by Invent Development Partners and mindfully designed by HKS Architects, this intrepid destination was forged from the earth with unwavering respect for the wild with a leave-no-trace philosophy and a bold vision for authentically connecting travelers to new terrains.

Inspired by genuine promises of discovery and self-discovery, we left no rock unturned to create a timeless identity that confidently answers the appetite for relaxing, recharging, and venturing out into the great unknown. Purposefully reflective of the surrounding environment, Lionsback Resort brings an air of earthy sophistication to the world of adventure.  

Designed & completed at REA with Tom Hayes
Photography: Whit Richardson

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