Brightline Strategies
Confidence makes a difference–actionable intelligence drives confidence and delivers result-oriented outcomes. RCKRBX™ is the first real estate SaaS platform that puts the voice of the tenant “at your fingertips” to inform smart, data-driven decisions. Using real-time human insights, extensive real estate datasets, market metrics, predictive analytics, and a wealth of secondary sources, RCKRBX™ provides actionable intelligence to forecast how key variables will impact asset performance and value over time, to what extent, and why. Their proprietary, industry-leading model empowers developers and investors to qualify decisions and drive demand with greater precision, depth, and breadth than ever before possible.

We developed a powerful visionary identity, direct brand voice, and an intuitive digital experience that came together as clear proof  that RCKRBX™ is here to lead real estate decision-making forward, intelligently.

The striking visual direction is elevated with strong, straightforward language that answers questions before they are ever asked, instilling trust, assuring vision, and delivering on the platform’s promise of actionable insights. Like RCKRBX™ itself, our approach creates a thorough brand expression that delivers confidence with impact.

Designed & completed at REA with Tom Hayes

Based in New York and led by designer Joseph Antonios, Y.ANTONIOS is a design practice specializing in brand identity, creative direction, and digital design. 

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