Brookfield Properties
To meet tenant’s evolving needs, Brookfield Properties created SPACE+, a complement to traditional leasing arrangements, that goes beyond the buildout in their signature properties around the globe. Designed to deliver high-end technology, thoughtful finishes, furnishings, and services, SPACE+ provides an exceptional work environment that gives tenants the space to start realizing their visions on arrival. 

We created a comprehensive brand identity that upholds Brookfield’s reputation for understanding tenants, and providing mindful, innovative space. Norms are challenged, ideas are welcomed, goals are achieved, and a collective energy is formed bringing efficiency, precision, and quality top of mind.

Intentionally adaptable as the offering, the identity features a fluid, yet structured grid system that celebrates the connections between businesses, individuals, and opportunities.

Designed & completed at REA with Tom Hayes

Based in New York and led by designer Joseph Antonios, Y.ANTONIOS is a design practice specializing in brand identity, creative direction, and digital design. 

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