Something NEW
Australian Center for Contermporary Art (ACCA)
ACCA’s annual NEW exhibition series, much watched and anticipated by artists and audiences as a benchmark for young practice, is the perennial showcase for the next generation of Australian artists to test their abilities in a major public space. NEW reinvigorated itself with a new format in which commissioned artists worked with teams of artisans and designers to expand their practice.

‘Something New’ documents the design process involved in creating the exhibition space, the collaboration with artists and curators, and the resulting exhibition of artworks. The publication is appropriately divided into two volumes, the outer details the design and construction of the exhibition space while the larger of the two showcases the artworks and finsihed environments.

Artistic Director: Juliana Engberg
Artists: Fiona Connor, Alicia Frankovich, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Lou Hubbard, Raafat Ishak, Susan Jacobs, Arlo Mountford

Designed & completed at Nexus Designs 

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